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  • Faculty syllabus editing recommendations

  • As some of you already know, there is a feature in TitanConnect Self Service that allows faculty to add their syllabus to each section in the Schedule of Classes.

    As your syllabi are going to be displayed on the web, the syllabi need to have some basic html codes entered with the text for the document to display correctly.  The process for encoding your syllabi is quite easy and the steps are laid out below:

    1.  In Microsoft Word, click File, then Save As, then select Save As Type: (select Web Page *.htm).

    2.  Open the newly saved file using Notepad (found in the Accessories folder).  Then select all (Ctrl-A) and paste into the syllabus in TitanConnect Self Service.

    3. Click Save and it will look similar to the how the document looks in Microsoft Word.