Academic Computing Labs

Locations:  Quad Commons, Engineering 140, C&F 9, C&F 10, CHP 8
Phone:  Vary by location (see lab specific page)
Hours:  Vary by location(see lab specific page)

ITS provides academic computing lab services to support the curriculum taught across the University.  Faculty often reserve labs to provide hands-on experience for their students.  A reservation policy (see below) should be reviewed prior to making a request.

When classes are not using the labs, current students with a valid ID may use the classes for academic related work.  In total there are over 180 computers available for usage.  To ensure students always have a system available to them, the Quad Commons lab is kept wide open and does not host any class sessions.  This lab also provides generous hours from early in the morning to late at night.

All computers in all labs contain the exact same computing image and allow students who frequently use a specific lab for their course to utilize any other lab available.

Access to the computers is handled by user code and password.

The use of USB flash drives is strongly encouraged.  Floppy drives are unavailable.

A printing policy is in place to govern the use of printing in an effort to avoid moving toward a pay-for-print solution.  Abuse of printing may result in drastic and costly changes for all users.  Please think green!

The installation of software is prohibited by all users.  Faculty may request the installation of courseware eight weeks in advance of the start of the semester.  More information for faculty is detailed in the Courseware Installation and Removal Policy listed below.

A mobile lab consisting of 38 notebooks with WIFI access may also be scheduled for use.  Reservations for the mobile lab are to be made at minimum two-weeks in advance.  No printing service is available for the mobile lab.

Lab Specific Information

Student Information

Faculty Information

Winter 2017 Academic Computing Lab Calenders (Reservations will not be confirmed until Registrar releases class schedules)

              CF 9 (24 Seats Available)            CF 10 (24 Seats Available)

              CHP 8 (45 Seats Available)         Eng. 140 (40 Seats Available)               

              Quad Commons (24 Seats Available)