Third Party Client Settings for Desktop or Mobile Devices

Third Party Client Settings for Desktop or Mobile Devices

Please be advised, the ITS department strongly suggests users access their e-mail through the web-based interface at  Should you wish to use a third-party client for advanced e-mail management, you do this at your own risk and assume your own support.  Improperly installing a third-party client could result in the loss of e-mail or the exploitation of your account.  Please be advised of the University's policy regarding the restoration of lost e-mail should you encounter problems.

Please proceed with caution.  Expert users should know the difference between IMAP and POP3 before selecting the appropriate protocol to use.  When configuring your third-party client, please indicate that your outgoing SMTP server REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION and the Incoming server requires the same authentication.

Please be advised the ITS department does not provide support for mobile devices per policy ITS-0002.

smtp (port 587)


Device Specific Information - Click on the Appropriate Link

TitanConnect iPhone\iOS IPad Droid WM7
Exchange iPhone\iOS IPad Droid WM7

TitanConnect iPhone, iPad or other IOS Device Instructions

To connect your device to your TitanConnect email account, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Select Add account
  4. Select Other
  5. Select Add Mail Account 
  6. Enter your Name 
  7. Enter your E-mail address 
  8. Enter your Password
  9. Change the default description if you wish.
  10. Press Next
  11. For Incoming Mail Server, select Host Name and enter
  12. Re-enter your User Name (do not include the portion)
  13. Re-enter your Password
  14. For Outgoing Mail Server, select Host Name and enter
  15. Re-enter  User Name
  16. Re-enter  Password
  17. Press Next
  18. When the device reports "Cannot connect using SSL" select "Yes" to connect without using SSL.
  19. Your device will verify the entries and report back errors or not.  If prompted with the SSL question again, click "Yes: to connect without using SSL.  Once successful you will see a lot of check marks and then IMAP screen will display.
  20. Press Save.

If your device fails to send email, verify two things

  1. Your SMTP password has been set.  (Though your device may say option, this is NOT optional for accounts)
  2. Make certain your SMTP port is set to 25.  If it says 587 or any other number, change it to 25.

This should complete your set up.  E-mail will begin to trickle in.

Please be cautious with your actions on your IPad and account.  Changes you make on your IPad will be reselected within this e-mail account.

TitanConnect Android

  1. Open the Email app
  2. Open the settings menu
  3. Tap Add Account
  4. Under email address, enter your email address
  5. Under password, enter your password
  6. Tap manual setup
  7. Select Imap as the type of account
  8. Under IMAP server, make sure it is set to
  9. Under security type, make sure it is set to none
  10. Hit the next button
  11. Under smtp server, set it to
  12. Under port, make sure it is set to 587
  13. Make sure the Require sign-in button is checked
  14. Tap the next button
  15. On this screen change the settings to your liking
  16. Tap the next button
  17. Assign a name to the account
  18. Under Your Name, type your name
  19. Tap Next
  20. The account is created and should start receiving mail

Windows Phone 7 TitanConnect

  1. In Advanced Setup, tap Internet email account
  2. Under Account Name enter the name you would like to have for this account
  3. Under Your Name, enter your name
  4. Under Incoming Email Server, enter
  5. Under Account type, select IMAP4
  6. Under User name, enter your TitanConnect user name
  7. Under Password, enter your TitanConnect password
  8. Under Outgoing Email Server, enter
  9. Under Outgoing server requires authentication, choose yes
  10. Under Use the same username and password for sending email, choose yes
  11. Tap advanced settings, make sure the outgoing port is set to 587
  12. If there is an option to use SSL, do not select it
  13. Choose your download settings
  14. Tap Sign In

Android Exchange

  1. Open the Email app
  2. Open the settings menu
  3. Tap Add Account
  4. Under email address, enter your email address (ex.
  5. Under password, enter your password
  6. Tap manual setup
  7. Select Exchange as the type of account
  8. Under Domain\Username, make sure the account is displayed as titannet\firstname.lastname
  9. Under server,
  10. Check the Use secure connection (SSL) box
  11. Tap the Next button
  12. Adjust the settings to your liking
  13. Tap the Next button
  14. Give the account a name
  15. Tap the Next button
  16. Email should start loading

Windows Phone 7 Exchange

  1. On Start, flick left to the App list, tap Settings, and then tap Email + accounts
  2. Tap Add an account > Outlook
  3. Tap the Email address box, and then type your email address
  4. Tap the Password box, and then type your password
  5. Tap Sign-in. If the phone finds your account settings, your email, calendar, and contacts will be synced to your phone, and you can skip to the end. If not, continue to the next step.
  6. On the Outlook screen, enter the following settings:
  7. Under email address, verify that your email address is correct (ex.
  8. Under password, verify that your password is correct
  9. Under username, verify that your user name is correct (ex. Firstname.lastname)
  10. Under domain, type titannet
  11. Tap sign in button
  12. If the correct settings can't be found, tap Advanced
  13. Under server, enter the address:
  14. Tap show all settings and verify that Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection is turned on
  15. Tap the sign in button

Phone with Exchange Support

  1. On a Windows Mobile phone, you configure Exchange Mail in “ActiveSync”. Go to the home screen, click Start, and then click ActiveSync., Click Menu, and then click Configure Server.
  2. Enter the server address. The server address is
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter your user name, password, and domain. The user name is just your FIRST.LAST names. Be sure to have the DOT between your FIRST and LAST.
    Your password needs to be your current TITANNET password, and it not your TC password.
    For “Domain”, enter TITANNET:
    username: JOHN.SMITH
    password: (current password)
    domain: TITANNET
  5. Make sure the box is CHECKED for “server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection”.
  6. Select the Save password check box if you do not want to be constantly reminded for your password when the system checks for new messages. Leaving this box unchecked is better security, though.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Select the check box next to each kind of information you want to synchronize with the server, and then click Finish.

iOS Exchange

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Select Add Account
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange
  5. Under email, enter your email address (ex.
  6. Under domain, enter titannet
  7. Under username, enter your username (ex. Firstname.lastname)
  8. Under password, enter your password
  9. Tap the next button
  10. A new server field will appear, enter
  11. Tap next
  12. You will see a message saying unable to verify account information, Tap OK
  13. Tap Save
  14. Tap Save again when asked if you want to continue
  15. Tap save once more
  16. Tap the newly created exchange account
  17. Tap where it says "Account"
  18. Towards the bottom of the screen is an option to "USE SSL", turn that option on
  19. Hit the done button
  20. The Account is created and you should start receiving email

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