TitanConnect (TitanConnect Video Introduction)




Enterprise Applications

Account Application Process





Discoverer Viewer Reporting Video Instructions



TitanConnect Welcome Pamphlet

TitanConnect vs. TitanNet - What's the difference?

Login Instructions

Resolving frequent TC session expired

Official e-mail documentation

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Official calendar documentation

Official portal documentation

Official group documentation

Toolbar and Pop-Up Blocker Recommendations to get past navigational issues

Printing E-mail Workaround for funny printing (courtesy of Dean Auer)

Third-party client change to new settings by March 1, 2009

Third Party Client Settings for Desktop or Mobile Devices (Iphones, Blackberry's, IPads etc.)

TitanConnect E-Mail Account Office 2007 File/Exchange Attachment Resolution

Addressing e-mail internally within

E-Mail Etiquette

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Email Sender Requirements before UDM accepts delivery of Mail

Firewall Port Info for Security Administrators

Mailborder Spam Solution Link and Documentation

Eliminating all your ???????? spam  messages

Receiving too much SPAM from yourself

Registering for Classes

Mid-Term Grade Review

Registration and Online Information Tri-Fold Brochure

Contacting the Helpdesk after hours

Loaner Program (managed by the AVP office)

Faculty Syllabus Editing Recommendations

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UDM Calendar Introduction

Subscribing to the University Wide Calendar from a third-party client

UDM Calendar Authoring Instructions

UDM Calendar Authoring Tutorial

Reviewing your Pay Stub

Accessing your W2

Interdepartmental Charge Procedures

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